Obedience is the foundation on which all other training for your canine builds upon.

We offer a variety of training for Private Individuals and their dogs.

If you are interested in obtaining the American Kennel Club's "Canine Good Citizen" certification we will develop a lesson plan to achieve that goal.

Obedience training: Private training sessions: I will meet with you and your family and pet at your residence or nearby location of your choosing. We will evaluate your dogs obedience level. On a weekly schedule begin training. Most likely we will begin on leash addressing walking on a leash nicely, heeling, sit/down and stay. Dog and Person association, and other behavior problems.

Group sessions.

Obedience training in a small group of no more than six involves reviewing basic obedience, heeling on leash, sit, down and stay. Human and Dog Association.

As your dog advances we will add advanced obedience skills. We will build and encourage socialization skills for your dog

For any of the training we provide we can take your dog into our facility and train the dog for you. When the training is complete we will work with you and the dog to finish the training.