Protection for you and your family.

Personal Protection, Family Protection,  Dog Training
Needless to say much of my background is in training dogs for Law Enforcement. I have developed a training course for customers wanting Personal Protection Dogs. Much of what we train police Dogs for is also needed in a Personal Protection Dog.

Obedience is an important component of Personal Protection training. It cannot be overstated that the canine must always be in control of the handler. We review basic obedience commands including down, sit and stay on command, and heeling. We will provide your personal protection dog with advanced obedience training. Advanced obedience training includeds the canine working off leash and following hand signals.

Sociability is right up there with Obedience. The canine will be sociable towards strangers unless the stranger poses a threat.

Protection phase. The canine will be trained to protect you and your family in a variety of enviroments. The canine will be trained to protect you and your family and to be under the control of the handler. Training will include bite work, training the dog to release the bite on command and to recall - to stop his/her pursuit prior to contacting a person.

Gunfire training. We will train your dog around gunfire to ensure that the dog is conditioned to loud noises and gunfire. Your personal protection dog will complete obedience training under gunfire and protection drills will be completed under gunfire.

Building Search is included in the training. The canine is trained to search buildings to locate an intruder who may be hiding in your house or business.

We will train your personal protection dog to protect you and your family while in your car. The canine will be trained to protect you and your family going about your daily personal business in a variety of enviroments.

Training for you and your family is included in this package. Training for you with your personal protection dog will be three days initially. On going training will be offered as you deem necessary. You are invited to train with us as often as you like.

Should you desire tracking or detection training we can add that discipline to the training package.

When you contact me for a dog I will begin working with you to provide you with a dog that will meet your needs. I will contact my vendor. He is a retired Police Officer and K9 Trainer in Germany. He will provide me and you with pictures and videos of the dog and the dogs background. Once I receive the dog from Europe I will kennel the dog and begin evaluating the dog for sociability, aggression, etc. The dogs we look at in Europe are dogs that have been living in a family environment.

The dogs that we provide are as good as you will find any where else.

I provide health guarantees and guarantee that you will be satisfied with your personal protection dog.

Should you have any interest in this program please contact me at, or 303-549-7696.