The Police K9's ability to detect numerous odors offers Law Enforcement a very valuable tool.

 Bomb/Explosive Detection Dogs
Explosive Detection training includes:

Ammonium Nitrate, Potassium and Sodium Nitrates, Sodium and Potassium Chlorate

Low Explosives: Black Powder, Smokeless Powder, Pyrodex

High Explosives: TNT, P.E.T.N. based explosives, R.D.X. based explosives, Dynamite

Binary explosives Kine Pak and Kine Stick.

Training for Bomb/Explosive K9 Detection teams include: Search patterns include buildings-interior and exterior, vehicles-interior and exterior, parcels/luggage, open area seeks, passenger buses. I include search techniques to conduct a safe search for the bomd dog teams. Classroom training includes: Scent Theory, Principals of Dog Training, Limiting Factors, K9 First Aid, Grooming and Care of K9.

If your department or security business requires other training we will work with you to provide that training.

I offer six weeks of training for the handler with a pre-trained dog. I am willing to change the length of the training program to meet your department's needs. This training includes classroom work and field work.