Reasons to shop from us

ROCK MOUNTAIN CANINE ACADEMY, LLC: Police Dog Training for Law Enforcement since 2000.


Trained Police Dogs for sale,Providing Police K9 Training - Explosive/Bomb Detection Dogs, Narcotics Detection Dogs, Tracking and Dual Purpose Canines,

Providing Personal Protection dogs and Dog Training For families, and Dog Obedience classes.

30 years Law Enforcement experience

40 years Handling & Training Police Canine teams.

Our experience allows us to offer quality canine training for your canine unit. Decoy training, Tracking, Obedience, Patrol and Tactical/SWAT training, Drug Detection and Explosive Detection training

Experienced in Consultation & Selecting Handlers and Canines.

Rocky Mountain Canine offers quality canines which are obtained from several different sources. We have contacts here and in Europe. We am willing to train a dog not purchased from Rocky Mountain Canine. If you select your own dog we will test the dog before we begin the training.

Rocky Mountain Canine will stand behind the dogs we offer and the training we offer. After the initial training is completed we will be available for refresher training and problem solving. we will be available to testify on your behalf in regards to the training I provided.

For a resume and references contact us at, or 303-549-7696.